At the outset, I give all glory and honor to the Almighty for this wonderful time and opportunity to be able to Pen down and share a few thoughts with you. If you are reading this, consider yourself very fortunate, education has played its role. There are 775 (Seven Seventy Five) million people in the world who can only dream of it. Education had revolutionized the world and is still continuing to do so. Through this small venture, we are happy to contribute our trivial bit to this journey of revolution.

(The Sad Reality)

We are into the 6th decade of our statehood. Governments had come and gone but the story remained same. The dismal picture of our economy still looks gloom. Nagaland doesn’t have a sustaining economy. We survive on the begging bowls of Delhi. As such, the mad race after white collared jobs continues in Nagaland with only an opportuned few, grabbing hold of the much sought after the white collared jobs.

It is an open secret that exams are conducted just for the sake of conducting exams when it comes to departmental jobs in Nagaland. But not all hope is lost yet. There is still something called meritocracy in NPSC examination. You can also opt for other competitive exams at the central level such as UPSC/ SSC/ Banking exams etc., which are fairly conducted. The real taste of securing a secure job lies not through backdoor but through Competition. Getting through these exams is not easy but not impossible. You deserve to give yourself a fair chance to compete for these highest prestige-laden jobs.

Forget about everything else for a moment and imagine you being able to crack these exams and become an IAS officer, an EAC or a DSP and occupy a high ranking position in the social hierarchy. Think of the opportunity, the position you will be to impact someone’s life positively. A stroke of your pen is going to mean life or death to people under you. Think about the many smiles and the happy faces you can create. The most beautiful thing in life is seeing someone smile knowing you are the reason behind it.  Along with this, will come the prestige, the respect and the luxuries of life. Your life will change in a split second the moment you crack these tough exams. With power and authority, you will be able to make a positive/ negative impact in the society, the choice being yours.

Getting there, how glorious will your life be??? You have only one life, live it a king size. In this unforgiving, cut-throat competition, we have arrived at a point where you have nothing else to offer but you’re everything. Always remember, there is no traffic jam beyond the extra mile. Be ready to walk the extra mile, success often comes disguised as work. Do you know what makes ordinary people extraordinary??? It is the extra little things they do every day that makes them extraordinary. If others can crack this exam, you too surly can. You have so much potential and you can do it, don’t let self doubt and laziness kill your bright future. With sincere efforts, it’s only a matter of time before you get there.

The harder you work, the luckier you become. Wishing you lots of luck.
Your’s Sincerely

Phira M